Did you know you have a brand?

I was walking down the supermarket aisle yesterday and I was immediately hit with this thought:

There are a TON of potato chip brands out there.  You’ve got Lays, Fritos, Doritos, and of course Generic store brands that are “copy cats” at a lower cost.

Same goes with soda – Pepsi, Coke and the more generic brands like “RC cola.”

Which got me thinking – why is it that people continually pay a premium for Lays when there’s the much cheaper generic version?

EVEN when they haven’t even tried out the generic version of the potato chip that might actually taste JUST like Lays?

The answer:  It’s all about brand.

A brand is an emotional perception of product or person.  This perception can easily connote feelings of characteristics such as dependability and quality and much more.
For example, many people who have grown used to eating Lays often brand Lays as being consistently crispy, savory, and high quality.  They feel that when they buy a bag of Lays it’s more of the same goodness every single time.

It’s the same with your personal brand.  You’ve got to think of how people perceive you based on your body of work.  That could include – your resume, your stories that detail your work experience, the awards you’ve won, the extracurricular activities you participate in, your community work, your peer / boss reviews.  These all help to shape your brand to the interviewer.

So I’ve got a call to action for you:

1.  Ask 5 of your friends what they think your brand is – you’d be surprised to hear their answers

2.  Think of what you’d like your brand to be – aim high – and build it.

Build a brand and recruiters will more often than not come looking for – just like those bag of Lays.


And by the way, Lays did NOT pay me to write this.  Haha…



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